The main steps to successful make-up

Being radiant and attractive depends on how we take care of our body and especially on how we apply our beauty products on the skin. In this article, we offer you the steps for successful make-up application. Continue reading to discover these different steps.

First step: moisturising the skin

The big secret to successful make-up is moisturising the skin. However, it is often observed that many people neglect this preparation step, which, by the way, helps to make the skin softer. To do this, it is advisable to use essential oil for the skin on the parts concerned by the make-up. This is because the oil allows you to tighten the pores in order to achieve a good result.

Second step: applying primer and foundation

To make your make-up a success, it is very important to apply primer to your skin, as this helps to make the skin smooth and correct imperfections. However, it is important to remember that the use of Primer should be in small quantities, as it precedes the application of foundation. Therefore, regardless of the texture, it is recommended to always start the foundation application from the centre of the face outwards with a small amount. To this end, to avoid demarcation, blend the foundation down to the neck and even to the root of your hair. The choice of your beauty product should be made according to your skin colour.

Step three: use eye shadow

The third step is to work on your eyes by using eye shadow. This being the case, to succeed in this step, which is the last of your make-up, you must use a blending brush. Once the choice of the colours of the shadows to be used is made, it is advisable to make the application delicately. To finish, you can apply your lipstick and that’s it.





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