Three tips for a beautiful and radiant face

You are a man or a woman, your face is covered with pimples or acne, you are afraid to use products to clean your face. No more worries, here are three tips that are proposed to you to finish with the problems of the face and to have a radiant and attractive face.

Cleanse the face with white clay.

This cleansing is much more suitable for oily skin. For the clay cleansing it is advisable to make the preparation yourself. For the preparation, take two tablespoons of white clay and add one tablespoon of water. Stir the mixture to obtain a liquid paste. The mixture should be made in a glass and not in a metal jar. After mixing, apply it to the face in a dry, circular motion. Finally, wash the face with lukewarm water after 10 to 15 minutes. This will tighten the pores. Do this treatment every day for at least a week and then do it once a week and your face will glow.

Honey and lemon cleansing

This tip is suitable for all skin types. Using it will give you a glowing skin in no time. Simply take three spoonfuls of honey and mix them with a spoonful of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your face and if you want on your whole body. Wait for a while (15 minutes at least) and then rinse with clear water but preferably if you can do it with an infusion of plants rich in antioxidants like sage, elderberry, it would be even more convenient.

Using the peeling technique

Peeling is a technique that consists of removing the upper layer of the epidermis in order to remove dead skin, spots, wrinkles and other skin damage. This technique is most often used by a specialist in a doctor’s surgery, but due to the cost, you can do it at home in a very light way and once a week. It involves applying a chemical substance to the face to help destroy the epidermis.




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